Anxiety Therapy

What is anxiety?
A certain amount of stress is expected in everyday life. Anxiety is different. Anxiety is stress on overdrive, it's the feeling of overwhelm that you can't get ahead, it's the endless 'what if' questions, it's the worry about the future. What was once a neurological response to threats has now become maladaptive. 

How do I know if I'm anxious?
Symptoms of anxiety often include:

  • feeling overwhelmed
  • constant worry
  • fear
  • sleep disturbances
  • panicked feelings
  • avoiding people and/or situations
  • anger
  • irritability
  • drinking/smoking/eating too much

How can anxiety therapy help?
We help people find solutions to anxiety and stress that are custom-tailored to your needs. We start by believing that your anxious feelings are driven by the way you think and in order to change how you feel, we need to change how you think. To combat the anxiety, we start by identifying, challenging, and changing anxious thoughts into more peaceful, calming thoughts. This is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, an evidence-based practice for treating anxiety. 

At the end of treatment, you'll walk away with a new found sense of confidence and tools that will last well beyond therapy. 

How do I get started?
Schedule an appointment with a Seattle Counseling Center therapist today.